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Fully Integrated Reliability Analysis and Safety Software Tool

Reliability Analysis Software, ITEM ToolKit is a suite of comprehensive prediction and analytical modules all in an integrated environment. ToolKit is an integrated environment benefiting from object-oriented architecture that delivers Accuracy, Flexibility and Ease of Use. It offers you convenient features that provide a consistent format for all your analyses. This enables learning carry-over from one module to another.

ITEM ToolKit has standardized many critical functions, shortcuts, and other features that operate identically in each module to save time and effort, increasing your productivity. Whether you are starting a new analysis or using different modules, the essential functions remain the same. In addition to the standard features, each module functions independently (or linked with others), having its own unique features and functionality.

ITEM ToolKit uses globally recognized standards and methodologies to analyze components, systems, and projects. It allows you to take a total system approach in analyzing individual systems and components. This allows you to optimize your design targets with respect to component selection, increased safety, and reduced liability.

No other reliability analysis tool offers the diverse User Interface as ITEM ToolKit. You can create and analyze multiple systems and projects at the same time, share project files and libraries with other engineers, or departments.

  • Built and open multiple systems and project files
  • Build several systems at the same time and compare analysis results
  • Drag and drop components and systems between projects.
  • Create a new project quickly by reusing components from other projects

You can analyze Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety and Risk of components or systems and view the entire project.

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Reliability Analysis MIL-217 Screen Shot
MIL-217Grid View

Reliability Analysis China 299B Screen Shot
China 299B Chart View

Reliability Analysis Fault Tree Screen Shot
Fault Tree View



ITEM ToolKit consists of the following reliability analysis modules, each of which can be purchased separately or integrated together in any combination: