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Telcordia Electronic Reliability Prediction
US Commercial Telecommunication Standard TR-332 Issue 6 / SR-332 Issue 1

The Telcordia Module of ITEM ToolKit calculates the reliability prediction of electronic equipment based on the Telcordia (Bellcore) TR-332 and SR-332 standards. These standards use a series of models for various categories of electronic, electrical and electro-mechanical components to predict steady-state failure rates which environmental conditions, quality levels, electrical stress conditions and various other parameters affect. It provides predictions at the component level, system level or project level for COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf Parts). The models allow reliability prediction to be performed using three methods for predicting product reliability:

  • Method I: Parts Count
  • Method II: Combines Method I predictions with laboratory data
  • Method III: Predictions based on field data

The Telcordia standard also documents a recommended method for predicting serial system hardware reliability. It contains instructions for suppliers to follow when providing predictions of their device, unit, or serial system reliability. It can also be used directly by telecommunications service providers for product reliability evaluation.

Device and unit failure rate predictions generated using this procedure are applicable for commercial electronic products whose physical design, manufacture, installation, and reliability assurance practices meet the appropriate Telcordia (or equivalent) generic and product-specific requirements.

IEC 61709 | NSWC

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Powerful and user friendly Telcordia telecom standard reliability prediction software

Combine prediction methods for complex analysis

Optimize designs to meet targeed goals

Select components with regard to reliability and cost savings

Be more accurate and efficient than with manual methods

Take advantage of powerful 'what if' analytical tools

Identify weakareas in a system design

Build and open multiple systems and projects files

Drag and drop components and systems between projects

Powerful charting facilities