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The Maintainability software module of ITEM ToolKit provides an integrated environment for predicting the expected number of hours that a system, or a device, will be inoperative, or “down”, while it undergoes maintenance, based upon the tasks needed to repair the system.

Conforms To Rigorous Standards
A comprehensive design tool for calculating MTTR, MainTain conforms to maintenance standards established in MIL-HDBK-472, Procedure V, Method A.

Built-in Maintenance Planning
MainTain provides built-in elemental maintenance action, maintenance philosophy and fault isolation parameter groups to provide a foundation for the analysis. You can also save common maintenance tasks to a library for repetitive use. The following results are calculated for a component or group of components:

  • Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)
  • Mean Man Hours (MMH)
  • Mean Man Hours per Repair (MMHR)

Use the Maintainability Software early and often to:

  • Identify areas with potential maintainability problems
  • Make repair, replace and design decisions
  • Perform early assessment of downtime and personnel requirements
  • Plan for necessary tools and test equipment
  • Easily identify Replaceable Items (RIs)
  • Save and link essential data for use in other ToolKit modules

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Grid view

Maintainability Software Screen Shot
Chart view

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Powerful and user friendly maintainability software

Conforms to MIL-HDBK-472, Procedure V, Method A

Mean Time to Repair

Mean Man Hours

Mean Man Hours per Repair

Built-in maintenance planning

Identifies Replaceable Items (RIs)