ITEM Software

Industry News

ITEM Software expands its services through its strategic partnerships with industry leaders. ITEM Software will be providing various industries with targeted services to enable them to comply with the regulations and standards that best match environmental constraints and strategic planning, by providing:

  • Training Programs
  • Helping to develop specifications, procedures and quality manuals
  • Providing advice and support to facilitate implementation of
    procedures and processes

We can also provide further services to:

  • Perform audits and evaluations
  • Offer continuous training and proficiency checks of customers' staff
  • Make recommendations and establish action plans and assist/advise in the implementation of agreed action plans
  • Help customers safeguard their investments and quality of product

Aeronautical Industry

Aircraft Manufacturers and Subcontractors

Aircraft manufacturers and subcontractors need to comply with regulatory requirements and mandatory issues such as JAR 25, FAR 25, JAR 21 Design, Production, or International Quality Standards (ISO, AS 9000).

ITEM Software can provide services to help in:

  • Performing audits and evaluations to assess the current situation in relation to Regulations or International Standard requirements
  • Conducting on-site Training to improve staff knowledge and understanding of applicable Regulations and Audit policy
  • Making recommendations and establish action plans to reach objectives
  • Assisting and advising at every stage of an agreed action plan
  • Ensuring that a delivered Aircraft, or part of, is and stays in full compliance with contractual Technical Specifications and at the same time, complies with all applicable International Regulations

We can provide further provide services with respect to adviser and referee when it comes to achieving security and quality objectives. We can perform:

  • Inspections in accordance with the manufacturer's programme and/or additional customer requirements
  • Evaluations and qualifications of suppliers and subcontractors according to approved standards and ensure a quality follow-up
  • Inspections of products throughout their production life cycle, in full compliance with client specifications

Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul Workshops

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Workshop operators need to comply with such requirements as JAR 145, FAR 145, JAR 66, JAR OPS-M, or International Quality Standards (ISO, AS 9000).

This significantly contributes to increasing its clients' maintenance market penetration and helps them reach their objectives by:

  • Performing an audit/evaluation of a customer's organization to assess regulation requirements
  • Conducting "on site" training to enable its clients' personnel to setup audit policy and methodology
  • Providing client management with an evaluation report to facilitate their project planning
  • Advising for launching, writing, implementing and ensuring follow-up of all necessary corrective actions