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Reliability Consulting

  • Starting a new reliability, safety, or risk assessment project?
  • Trying to complete an existing one?
  • In need of validating your analysis results with an outside view?
  • Not sure where to start with your process, system, or components?

Count on ITEM Software when you need extra help. For years ITEM has provided more than just RAMS and Risk Assessment software tools to companies. Our engineers can provide reliability consulting services to assist you in conducting your analyses. Our experienced, worldwide staff is able to help you with any size project or analysis, across nearly any industry. We can work with you on RAMS and Risk analysis projects from beginning to end, under strict confidentially.

Our approach to reliability consulting is to deliver the most complete and accurate results and analysis, including your team as much as you wish in the process. Many of our clients have asked that we train their team as we go, making them self-sufficient by the end of the project. We gladly deliver, discuss, and defend all results, project files, and knowledge gained during and after the project.

We want your experience with our reliability consulting group to be unmatched in the industry. From the very first contact, you will discover that we have your interests at the forefront of our proposals and methodologies. Many clients have taken advantage of our expertise when conducting RAMS and Risk Assessment, saving time, money and other valuable resources.

Trying to decide which design is safest? Should you invest in space capsule design A or B? ITEM has provided risk and safety analyses to companies in the growing commercial space market. Utilizing Quantitative Risk Assessment, scenarios were built to analyze the safety and risk of the spacecraft.

ITEM Software continues to perform electronic and electro-mechanical reliability analyses for companies large and small. Whether it is only a few components, or your entire database, ITEM has the experience and tools to calculate the MTBF and failure rate of many components and devices. Let us do your "what if" analysis and show you the best approach in components, subsystems or systems selection.

Need to take your manufacturing reliability and processes to the next level? ITEM has helped companies refine and control their internal manufacturing processes. Your clients demand results of analyses that you might not be familiar with. ITEM has that experience, and are willing to help you learn the steps needed for a successful analysis and implementation of methodologies such as process and design FMEA, reliability and maintainability programs.

ITEM has been contracted to assist and conduct reliability and safety assessment on medical devices such as laser scanners and medicine dispensing automation, in preparation for FDA approval. Using Reliability Prediction, FMECA (ISO 9000 and ISO 14971), Fault Tree, and other methods, ITEM has been instrumental in making these devices safer and more reliable.

ITEM Software has been instrumental in many military projects. Assisting clients with basic to complex electronics and mechanical reliability prediction, availability and maintainability of on board communication systems and most recently, multiple weapon safety analyses for the United States Navy and Quantitative Risk Assessment for the Air Force.

Are you designing or rolling out new technology? Need to know system availability, reliability, or state analysis? Our reliability consulting service has helped several emerging and established companies to perform a variety of analyses, and train their staff on how to perform these analyses on their own.



Reliability Consulting