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White Papers

ITEM Software produces practical papers on topics that relate to Risk and Reliability Engineering. The goal of our white papers is to provide solutions to common issues in our industry.

To receive any of these papers, please send an email to, requesting which (or all) you are interested in. We will email you a PDF copy of the paper within one business day. Your privacy is important to us, so your email address will not be given to third parties or used for any unrelated purpose. Thank you and happy reading!

WP #1 - Capacity and Flow Modeling with Reliability Block Diagrams
A process or system which must deliver a certain amount of something. physical units, network packets, fluid flow, etc. can be modeled with Reliability Block Diagram (RBD) programs which support this type of analysis.

WP #2 - Interacting with Databases for Reliability Analysis
Quite often during the reliability analysis process, component information for a system is contained in a database. Many times the engineer is forced to work with printouts or at best spreadsheets full of data. This makes for time consuming and error prone re-entry of information into the prediction tool being used.

WP #3 - Structured Programs vs. Spreadsheets for Reliability Analysis
Are you really still using spreadsheets for reliability and risk analysis?

WP #4 - Maximizing your FMEA with IEC 61508
Leverage this international standard to maximize the results from a typical FMEA.

WP #5 - Understanding the Forest of Trees
Learn the differences between Fault Trees, Success Trees, Attack Trees, and Event Trees.

WP #6 - Getting The Right Tools for RCM
Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) has evolved into a proven methodology since its inception 30+ years ago. Facilities, Operations, and Maintenance Engineering departments world-wide have benefited from the process of looking at how best to use the maintenance function towards improving the reliability of equipment. Ultimately production is increased and the bottom line of the company is impacted positively.