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ITEM Technical Services

Software Customization

Being responsive to the varied and unique needs of our customers is a tradition at ITEM Software. Our Software Technology Group offers Software Customization to better meet your specific requirements. Or, ITEM will undertake development of entirely new software solutions to your RAMS, system safety or risk assessment problems.

All customization and new software development will adhere to the same high standards of quality and technical excellence as other ITEM Sogfproducts.

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Technical Support

The mission of the ITEM Technical Services Group is to be an extension of your engineering team. Not only are we available to assist you with using our software, but we can also help you through the reliability, safety and risk modelling processes, start to finish. Whether via telephone, email, instant messenger or webinars, our staff of experienced and interested engineers will go the extra mile to ensure you get the answers you need. With offices in the USA and UK, we easily cover your worldwide support needs.



Are you:

  • Starting a new reliability, safety, or risk assessment project?
  • Trying to complete an existing one?
  • In need of validating your analysis results with an outside view?
  • Not sure where to start with your process, system, or components?

Count on ITEM Software when you need extra help. For years ITEM Software has provided more than just Reliability and Risk Assessment software tools to companies large and small. Our Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety and Risk Assessment engineers can provide consulting services to assist you in conducting your analyses. Our experienced, and worldwide, staff are able to help you with any size project or analysis: across nearly any industry. We can work with you on your Reliability and Risk analysis projects from beginning to end, under strict confidentiality.

Our approach to consulting is to deliver the most complete and accurate results and analysis; including your team as much, or as little, as you wish in the process. We gladly deliver, discuss and defend all results, project files and knowledge gained during and after the project. We consider ourselves an extension of your team, delivering on task and on schedule.



Come and learn the methodologies behind the tools from experts in the field. Our instructors have many years of reliability and safety engineering experience in a variety of industries, government and academia. Not only will you learn the foundation of the techniques, but you will also benefit from real world examples presented in class. The instructor will guide the class through lecture and question and answer periods, as well as lively discussions where you can learn from the experience of others in the class. We also offer any of our classes or workshops onsite and customized to suit your needs, worldwide. Please contact us directly for more details.