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Component Libraries

ITEM ToolKit includes comprehensive libraries for specific applications as part of our standard features. They include thousands of parts, with associated data parameters that will save time and reduce costs. Library System files contain information regarding blocks, linked blocks and components, the same as regular System files. These system files are internal to ITEM ToolKit and are saved under the Library Project file of the same analysis type.

For example, the MIL-217 system information and the analysis results are saved under the MIL-217 Library Project file. Multiple system library files can be saved under the same Library Project file. ITEM ToolKit automatically updates and transfers Library System file information to the Library Project file as items are being added to the system library files. ITEM ToolKit also has part number matching capability during import from BOM, and during direct data entry.

User Defined Component Libraries

In your analysis project, some component types, blocks of components or even an entire system will appear more frequently. Input of these repetitious occurrences is tedious. Libraries can be created to tabulate these component types for later use. Libraries are created when a group of common blocks and/or components are copied and saved to a library. You can use the saved blocks or components to quickly add these components along with their analysis data to a new or existing project. Libraries may be built and customized using the library management facility. Data can also be transferred between different projects and from libraries. You can create your own libraries and use them separately or in conjunction with ITEM Software Libraries.

Libraries Services

If you have Bill of Materials, Purchasing or Stock Lists, let us create your own Custom Parts Library and save precious time and money.

Browse and Search the Component Libraries

ITEM ToolKit's library management tools let you browse and search the loaded libraries. Just type in the first letters or numbers and the drop down list will display, giving you the ability to choose the desired component.

Reclaim Your Precious Desktop Space

IT Library Manager allows you to load libraries in a quiet mode (background). This facility will make library parts available to your active project while saving workspace within ITEM ToolKit.

Available Component Libraries:

NonElec 95 Library

NPRD-95/NonElec95 (Non-electronic Parts Reliability Data) is a collection of library files containing 11,742 parts in total and provides failure rates for a wide variety of component types including mechanical, electromechanical, and discrete electronic parts and assemblies. NPRD reflects field experience in military and commercial applications, concentrating on items not covered by other failure rate sources. Available for MIL-217, Telcordia, IEC 62380, GJB/z 299B and NSWC modules.

FMLib Library

FMLib 97 is a special library based on failure mode/mechanisms distributions prepared by the Reliability Analysis Center (RAC), PO Box 4700, Rome, NY 13440-8200 and is designed for use with ITEM Toolkit FMECA module, as an apportionment library. FMLib 97 contains 1,939 components including 20,239 failure modes with their associated causes.

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