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ITEM ToolKit

Fully Customizable Reports

Choose from a variety of preformatted standard reports or design your own with text, diagrams, or graphs that you can preview or print directly.

  • Incorporate bitmaps, company logos, and customer logos
  • Specify column widths, fonts, and colors
  • Modify existing reports and save as templates for future projects
  • Easily generate and manipulate diagrams and graphs

Advance Transfer and Link Facility… A Great Time Saver

Eliminate errors and save time from re-entering data by transferring data from one analysis to another. Analyze your system under one type of analysis then transfer and link it to another type of analysis. This saves time from recreating the same system under another analysis and it also eliminates errors in re-entering the data. For example; create and analyze a system under MIL-217 module and transfer and the same system to FMECA or Fault Tree analysis. The system hierarchy is created effortlessly and all relevant information is transferred and updated every time you change or update your MIL-217 analysis.

Advanced Hybrid Linking and Modeling

ITEM ToolKit's Hybrid Linking and modeling features allows the result of any analysis to be automatically fed into an event in a Fault Tree or a block in a Reliability Block Diagram. This feature is most useful where a simple model cannot determine the event or the failure of a block and a more complex analysis has to be performed.

Information Display Management / Sort Option

Specify exactly what type of information is to be displayed in the project, system, library and diagram windows. View and display as much, or as little, of the detailed information such as part numbers, description, failure rate, MTBF, Unavailability, or simply your analysis results. Sort the information in numerous ways; by name, by part number, by failure rate, by contribution, by category, etc. A great tool for determining and listing items with high failure rates or low MTBF or listing items by part number, etc.

The Most Flexible and Scalable Reliability and Risk Software Application

ITEM ToolKit offers the scalability that every user and organization has in mind. Total integration of ITEM ToolKit allows you to take advantage of one or multiple analyses at the same time. Keeping track of your product life cycle and project management are among the many benefits to such a capable application suite as ITEM ToolKit.

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Screen shots | click to enlarge

Markov Screen Shot
Markov Diagram View

RBD Screen Shot
RBD Diagram View

FMECA Screen Shot
FMECA Grid View

Markov Screen Shot
Markov Chart View



6 different Derating standards for prediction

4 different failure rate Allocation models for prediction

Defense Microelectronic Activity (DMEA) support in MIL-217

User defined connection types for MIL-217

Cross-module Linking and Transfer

Global failure model library between Fault Tree, RBD, and Event Tree modules

Time phasing function in Fault Tree

3 different Event Importance measures

Critical Path discovery and cut set ranking by multiple parameters

15 different, universally accepted failure model distributions for Fault Tree, RBD, and Event Tree

Implicit and explicit Common Cause Failure modeling

Dynamic modeling with Markov model linking to Fault Tree and RBD diagrams