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FMECA Software Special Features

ITEM ToolKit FMECA software provides unique features that allow you to quickly and accurately perform your Failure Mode, Effects, and Criticality Analysis, data management, reporting, analytical facilities and much more.

  • FMECA software assigns Risk Priority Numbers as needed
  • Graphically constructed system hierarchy diagrams
  • User-definable data fields and sort facilities
  • Failure Effects & Severities traced through to system hierarchy
  • Automatically assigned severity values
  • User-definable severity category and Matrix
  • Automatic criticality calculations
  • Multiple failure effects permitted for a single failure mode
  • Effects may be defined on any higher-level sub-system
  • Libraries of components with predefined modes and apportionment
  • Optimization of design to meet acceptable failure modes and severity
  • Assignment of IEC “dangerous” versus “safe” at the functional End Effects level
  • Regressional top down analysis assigning safe vs. dangerous severity to root modes
  • Evaluation of multiple severity assignment by a “split by hit” algorithm
  • Independent IEC analysis algorithm for the functional end effects of the FMEDA
  • Hardware oriented component level DC and SFF
  • Automatic calculation of lambda-SU, SD, DU and DD per each root mode
  • Consideration of non propagating root modes in component DC and SFF
  • Cut set analysis at each intermediate nodal point of the FMEDA
  • Automatic transfer from FMEDA to FTA with failure model and inspection interval
  • End-effect trace down to root causes

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Download Demonstration

To download a free demonstration of our FMECA software click here.

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Chart view

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Grid view