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Quantitative Risk Assessment Software

iQRAS Major Features

Risk Model Analysis

  • Exact results generated by Binary Decision Diagram (BDD) based solution methods
  • Computation of cut-sets, risk importance measures, probabilities for fault trees and ESDs
  • Uncertainty propagation and uncertainty importance measures
  • Risk aggregation over event sequence diagrams, end state types, and system or functional hierarchy

Organization of Risk Models

  • Organization of ESD models by user-defined system or function hierarchy
  • Organization of ESD models by mission phases and operational time intervals
  • Easy navigation between the ESDs and fault trees

Common Cause Failure Modelling

  • Centralized definition of common cause failure event groups
  • Automated application of common cause failure expansions to selected fault tree models
  • Support for Alpha and Beta Factor models
  • Common cause failure expansions within and across fault trees

Quantification Models

  • Extensive set of time-dependent and demand based component reliability models
  • Easy-to-use specification of uncertainty distributions for model parameters
  • Mathmatica® (not included)

Event Sequence Diagram Quantification

  • Quantification of ESDs using the fault tree list created in the fault tree editor
  • View and attach fault trees from the pivotal/initiating event quantification dialogs
  • The fault tree editor can be opened and used independently to create and quantify the fault trees
  • User can change ESD events designators

Gate ESD Detail Results

  • User defined number of cut sets that iQRAS will calculate based on probability. iQRAS can also display the actual number of cut sets for the analyzed system. For example; the advanced BDD algorithm could calculate the top 500 cut sets, even if the actual cuts were more than a billion, within seconds
  • Users can get detailed uncertainty results for any gate
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Download Demonstration

To download a free demonstration of our Quantitative Risk Assessment software click here.

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Quantitative Risk Assessment iQRAS Screen Shot
ESD View

iQRAS Screen Shot
MIssion Phase View

iQRAS Screen Shot
OTI Selection View

Quantitative Risk Assessment iQRAS Screen Shot
Chart View


Single integrated environment for risk model construction and analysis

Multiple Projects, Fault Trees & Event Sequence Diagrams:

Effortlessly creates, reviews and analyses multiple fault tree and ESDs simultaneously

Merge all or a portion of a fault tree to create a master fault tree

Manage fault trees from multiple projects

Allow creation of a fault tree by reusing all, or a portion, of an existing project

Copy and paste gates and events between projects and fault trees

Reporting, Export of Risk Models and Results:

Export of models and results to Microsoft Word, Excel and Access

Extensive reporting capabilities using Crystal Reports™

Converts CAFTA models automatically

Fault Tree Linking:

Link fault tree logic to other fault trees or gates. Create fault trees in smaller, more manageable pieces

Powerful and accurate algorithms for risk quantification and contribution ranking